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Pheeewwwww! Just finished an awesome extreme metabolic rebounding (Trampoline) session with GREGG COOK. Well…. not in person but through the DVD.
Trust me guys… IT WAS EXTREME!
I have always hated the conventional forms of cardio training like running on the treadmill, or cycling on the stationary bike in the gym……. Very boring and frankly ineffective beyond a point! In fact I find the treadmill the worst of them all as it actually restricts the natural movement of the hamstrings and thus puts a lot of load on the knees.
Well…. by now a lot of you might be wondering why I m saying all this and what in the world is REBOUNDING? Continue reading


Just the other day I was talking to my very close friend Rishad (rishad.co.in), who is a well known travel writer, and noticed that he had put on weight so suggested that he lose some. His excuse was that his profession did not allow him the liberty to exercise regularly as he was travelling all the time and had no access to a gym most of the time. This is a common excuse of all the people who are frequent travelers. Because of the odd hours and long durations in transit, generally either fatigue or laziness sets in or in many cases people believe that a good workout or exercise routine can be done only in a gym.
I believe that one can always remove time to exercise and it can be done very effectively anywhere and with very basic equipment which can be taken along on any trip very easily. 20 to 30 mins is all it takes for a good workout which can be very easily done in the confines of the hotel room and can actually make you feel rejuvenated and fresh.
The exercise routine can actually be customized to make it fun and effective according to the availability of space and time.
Let me introduce you to 3 basic but very effective exercise tools. Continue reading



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Olympics are long gone and all the debates and discussions have stopped too. Generally everyone back home is very happy and gung ho over the performance of the Indian contingent BUT, being an Indian and a sportsman myself, I always wonder, and this time is no different, as to why not a single gold. WHY! What is it? What is it that makes our sportsmen so very different and inferior to the sportsmen from other countries?
I am not under any pretext undermining or ridiculing the achievements of the medal winners and fully understand that a medal at the Olympics or for that matter any sporting event is a great achievement and hats off to the winners but in the same breath I also do feel that a Gold medal is a Gold medal!

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What’s your wear?

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Hi friends

It’s been a while since I have written anything on the blog and many of my friends and subscribers keep asking me why there has been no new post for such a long time. Well friends, it’s not that I have nothing more to say on health or fitness anymore. In fact there is a lot more and hence I have been working very hard to take it to the next level.

It’s been many years now since I have endorsed and practiced fitness in some form or another, be it playing a sport, workout in the gym or learning and practicing martial arts.

One thing that I found most common, besides getting fit, in all the above forms is the importance of the attire one wears.

Imagine wearing a Prada dress to the gym or a 3 piece suit to play football or Diesel jeans with a black leather belt for a karate session.

Sounds funny doesn’t it? Continue reading



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I have known a lot of people who have quit a sport for good over just an ankle sprain. But I have also known people who have overcome huge adversities like polio in one leg and a blind eye to go ahead and become a Table Tennis champion and, at present, be a national ranking Billiards player. I consider myself lucky to be a friend of this humble super sportsman.
Everyone very fondly calls him ‘RAJA’ (meaning the KING).
For me people like him truly are kings because of the numerous lessons they teach us without opening their mouth, every single time we look at them. It is people like these who have inspired me to never complain or give excuses but instead get back after every injury or setback I have suffered, stronger and more determined.

The story below is not some diet info or some exercise routine but a real life story which has inspired and humbled me and taught me what positivity and fighting spirit really means.
That is why I say that IF THIS DOES NOT MOTIVATE AND INSPIRE YOU…. NOTHING WILL! Continue reading